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11 October
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I'm a bug.
I hate small robots.
They frighten and confuse me.
20's art deco, 31 knots, adult swim, aliens, anal cunt, anime, anti-racism, asian food, at the drive-in, atari, autumn, bad brains, badly drawn boy, baltimore rowdy collective, bikini kill, black and white, black dice, blood brothers, bloodhag, botch, bratmobile, brown clothes, buzzcocks, california, chocolate, computers, conceptualizing, craziness, cubism, cubist, da bloody gashes, deerhoof, dilute, discordance axis, don caballero, down in flames, drums, ds-13, dub, eating, egg nog, el guapo, elderscrolls series, emo, engine down, enon, everett, ex-girls, extraterestrials, eyes, eyes of autumn, fantasy, final fantasy, fing fang foom, food, four hundred years, frankenweenie, geek-core, geeks, geeky stuff, get hustle, giant robots, gravy train!!!!, guam, guitars, hanford, hardcore, heavy vegetable, hella, hutch and kathy, japan, kimyah dawson, last of the juanitas, laziness, les savy fav, lsd, mario brothers, marysville, mates of state, math rock, me without you, mega man, melodicas, melt banana, michael jackson, minor threat, minus the bear, mondrian, nerds, neutral milk hotel, nintendo, nirvana, non-conformity, of montreal, old man pipes, ooioo, operation ivy, orthrelm, p.e.e., pacifism, photography, picasso, pinback, pixels, procrastination, progressive, punk, rob crow, robots, ruins, rumah sakit, science fiction, sea food, sleeping, smelly stuff, sparta, star trek, star wars, steak, storm and stress, stupid crap, superkalafradgelisticiksialadoshis, sxe, the curtains, the dead milkmen, the delgados, the germs, the hives, the mars volta, the pixies, the postal service, the strokes, the thermals, the white stripes, thingy, thoreau, thrash, tolkien, upsilon acrux, video games, vintage, washington, weird stuff, wolfie, world inferno friendship society, xiu xiu, zelda