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geek me long time
18 November 2006 @ 08:26 pm
If anyone needs me I'll be at Fred Meyer's in Marysville with Jessica till midnight waiting for the Nintendo Wii.
Come visit.
Bring bongos.
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geek me long time
30 October 2006 @ 05:50 am
Tetris tournment was fun but so so very frustrating whilst drinking haha. Ah man. It was cool though, Tetris Worlds for the XBox. It was all fancy. I'm way too used to the ones on the Nintendos.
Althea seemed like an interesting sort. Mari-Anne ruled that game. It slowly turned into yet another drunken night of debauchery though.
And next weekend shall be a knitting circle. Hahaha. I love you Acacia. Always have something interesting planned.
And the Arcade Fire...this one song called I'm Sleeping in a Submarine...its truly amazing. I've had it stuck in my head for like, forever. Its funny though, all the reviews I read on the album, made that song out to be the worst one on the album, like theres nothing amazing about it in the least bit! Oh what fools. Ah well.
Anywho, some pictures. I haven't done this in a while.
I look retarded
I look retarded
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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geek me long time
24 October 2006 @ 03:53 am
I figured out one thing I have been missing from my life for quite some time.
I missed it.
Keeps things in perspective.
For realsy.
Earth Crisis was amazing live. And oh the drummers, how insanely energetic they were! Such influences were had in those hardcore days. And remember when AFI actually WEREN'T pussys?? Remember when they actually screamed so loud they'd blow your head clear right off? I do.
"I will die screaming!"
Pfft. Yeah right man. You're on MTV now crying out for confused Hot Topic teenagers to give you money. Who woulda thunk it.
Remember my old hardcore outfits? Chaos Farm (horrible) and the Oisters (loads of fun)? Course you don't, but I do. Just hurt those drums as much as you can as fast as you can. Mmm. Good.
How about those bad ass straight-edge kids with the X's on their hands?? The most Hardcore kids in the pit I'll tell ya what.
Remember the studded belts, the anti-nazi patches, manic panic hair, the hostility, weekly showers, ditching school, ripping paintings apart and calling THAT art, pissing while walking down the street(Jud! You used to have a friggin' MOHAWK!), the funny gawks from locals and pretty much not giving a shit about pretty much anything? I do.
Good times.
Minor Threat! I miss you. And where did you go Punk Uprisings comp Vol. 2? And what about Discordance Axis? WHAT ABOUT DISCORDANCE AXIS?!?!
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geek me long time
21 October 2006 @ 05:11 am
Today Jessica myself and her family went down to the Pacific Science Center to check out the Dead Sea Scrolls for her sister's birthday. It was quite interesting.
I don't know what to do this weekend.
Freddys moving back to Cali, ass got canned. Haha.
So I think I want to drag him out to do something somewhere. I dunno.
ak, I gotta work on the band shed too...Thats what I should do tomorrow. Its been postponed lately due to rain. So yes, tomorrows supposed to be another sunny day, so maybe I can enlist the help of some of the fellahs to help me put the ceiling portion of the drywall up. Then after that, we're done with the crappy part of it all. Kinda. Then come the tape and texture, which shouldn't take more than two hours tops, then the primering, followed by painting itself (which'll be kinda fun), then the rug and lighting. Friggin' A. Almost there.
so, note to self:
1. primer
2. paint
3. border joint thingys
4. carpet (I'm hoping astro turf won't be a bad idea)
5. lighting (clear christmas lights for the starry effect(lots of 'em), and one hanging moon lantern)
6. a HEATER. I'm thinking it won't be as cold in there with all the drywall and new insulation covering everything up, but ya never know.
...and then I think I'm done. Gah, tearing out the metal tubing crap on the ceiling...I'm not sure how its going to work out...or even how to fit the drywall up there (securelly...I sincerelly wouldn't want a "the night sky is LITERALLY FALLING" scenerio to take place), but I'm thinking with enough people it could totally work out. And ladders. Yes indeed. Gah. why can't they just magically put themselves up there? Fantasia style or something. Like I could bust out a big blue magicians hat and a wand, cue some chimey "magical" kinda music and conjure the drywall to start dancing sprouting legs and nailing themselves into the ceiling. Someday. But not tomorrow. Grr. Ah well.
This is pretty awesome
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geek me long time
I have such an erradict mood swing.
Like everything I say and everything I do is either amplified ten fold or minimized to the point of obscurity.
Its good for music...but its a mess elsewhere.
I'm at the "everything is falling down around me" point of the cycle. Like everythings a joke, or nothings real, I flip through the tv and EVERYONE is just rediculously phoney. Life is a fascade. I flip it off and take a walk through my memory and thoughts and think of how hopeless it was and how rediculous I am. I just need to stay focused on a few things right now, and not think about ANYTHING else. Forget (most) everyone and just jump into myself and my immediate.
It also sucks not being able to feel excitement. I was thinking about it earlier today...even things I should be excited about...Like I almost get to that point of "early childhood christmas excitment", but the wall to get to that is too thick, and I lose heart trying to get there. It almost feels like a chinese finger trap almost. I start to think about "why" and "what" and get bogged down by all the semantics and its just too thick...I overthink everything and get bogged down trying to reach it...the point being I'm not supposed to think about the journey at all, just feel feel feel....thats what I'd like anyways. No thought, just pure feeling. Maybe thats why I'm attracted to music so much. You just FEEL it. Alcohol puts me in that mind-frame...and Zoloft helped me push the mush aside. But its all so phoney...Maybe everyone on TV is just highly medicated?? Or or or, maybe I'm just crazy?
Anywho, on a sadder note:
Jess and I found a baby mouse a couple days ago. We were doing some work on the shed when Jessica gasped and yelled for me to come look at something. On a dirty plastic chair sat a tiny tiny little baby mouse, not even the size of my thumb, nusled up in the fetal position in the middle of one of the cracks. It almost didn't register at first. My first gut reaction was "alien" but then as soon as I waved that fog away, I felt very sad. We both didn't know what to do. I really wanted to get that shed done, and there was this poor little abandoned baby mouse that was probably born just an hour or so before we found it. Jess' maternal instinct kicked right in and she immediatly wanted to care for it. She cared very deeply, and it made me smile inside seeing such humanity in her, even though I was a little aggitated that it put a brake to the band shed work. So we went to the store and bought some puppy baby milk for it (thats the best thing to get I guess) and a little feeding syringe thingy. We placed the little guy in a tiny tupperware thingy, lining it with paper towels for its comfort (although that probably felt as hard as a rock considering how tiny and weightless the little guy was) and tried our best to take care of it. I had to keep it here hiding it from my grandmother because Jess couldn't take it to her house (her mother suggested flushing it down the toilet tearing jess' eyes, my grandmother DEATHLY afraid of mice). So when Jess had to go home, I had to attempt to feed the fellow every hour to a couple hours, trying to keep it as warm as possible. I'd warm some hand towels on the fireplace and wrap it around the tupperware every half hour or so. It was scary the first night, cause I couldn't just not sleep...Well I could've, but I had a long day the next day (yesterday)...I don't know, I could've stayed up and did the duties, but I didn't. I woke up the next morning and he was fine. Squirming even moreso even, making little "chirp chirp!" noises sounding almost like a little birdy, him n' his pink little hairless body, eyes still shut due to his newborn status. We did our best that day...this morning I awoke to feed him, hoping for the best...Poor little fellow. the pink was gone. No chirp chirps. No struggle to get the feeding syringe away from his mouth....Maybe thats what put me in this slump...I dunno. I don't like death one bit. I wish I had Timothy Leary's cheery open-armed embrace with the "greatest trip" but I just can't do it. Just thinking about it sets the sun real quick-like. It's the same feeling I get when I wake up on a bus trip or something and its night time maybe around 3 or 4 am (so groggy!) and I just want to be at home snug in my comforting bed playing Dragon Quest 7 or something after a nice warm shower but instead I'm sitting here chugging down the highway with no sound but that of the annoying vibrating unnatural bus motor sound and its cold and uncomfortable and theres a bunch of stangers everywhere and the unnatural smell of maybe its urine or maybe its disinfectant and old men with scraggly grey whisker and flannel shirts reaking of chew and you look out through your window and all you see are empty streets with the occasional flicker of maybe a headlight or two stopping at the halberry street stop sign in some nameless town in Oregon and that smell of urine-stained metal EVERYWHERE...It feels kinda like that.
Anywho, its passed my bed time.
Maybe I should've put this in one of those cut things? Sorry, I just get in these typing moods.
Meh. All better.
Hahaha, this song looks like my icon. Fits just right.
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geek me long time
25 September 2006 @ 10:20 pm
my fuggin' hair. Its at the point right now where it puffs out and looks awkward. Another month till it shall be acceptable.
I saw Pleasent View again today. I love that movie. So many little political inuendos dealing with conservitist n' what have you. I couldn't agree more with the movie.
My main thoughts lately hover around the shed. What to do, how to put the walls up, what its gonna look like, etc etc.
astro turf ground and the walls will be a night sky, lit by christmas lights
a couch
equipment of course
and a desk for recording purposes
Mmmmmm. I'm delighted at the idea of getting lost in there.
We're tearing everything down too, so it'll be clean as all gittout'. New insalation, new walls (we just got half the drywall for the room yesterday) and man oh man. I'm so friggin' excited. Me n' the boys moved the incubator out yesterday too!! Its really roomy in there now.
So tomorrow will consist of tearing out the crap insilation, and putting the new stuff in.
N' Jess is taking me to a super fancy dress up dinner thingy for my birthday thats costing around 180 dollars. Its crazy. Stoked for that too. Always wanted to go to a super fancy dinner thingy.
The whole going to the gym thing is actually working out really well. We're in there for around an hour + now. Almost every day. It feels great. In about a month I'll be happy physically I think maybe.
Time for sleep.

Oh, one more thing. Every time I'm waiting for something amazing I always get this morbid scary feeling and thought of "what if I die before it finishes?" How tragic it would be. I hate that feelings. Thats all.
And. I LOVE this Curtains song.
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geek me long time
22 September 2006 @ 06:01 pm
sex has a funny way of making your mind feel.
Its almost like playing music...and that afterglow feeling is just...neat.
I hate comparing sex to music though, so forget I even said anything.

Work on the band shed is going slowly (as expected) but surelly. Most of the walls are torn down, save the ones behind the incubator. All the instruments and electronic equipment are stored in my little sisters old room, all the rusty metal shelves have been disassembled, and now we need to get the incubator the hell out. Hopefully the fellahs will find it in their heart and schedule to gimmie a hand with it sometime this weekend.

We've been going to the gym quite frequently now. Feels good. I've gotten SO out of shape it'd almost be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic. Gained around 25 pounds or so sice I left Goodwill. Lost probably around 10 pounds in muscle. Felt so Flabby and lazy and disgusting. Feeling better now though. Things aern't as heavy again and I'm not needing coffee as much anymore to stay ALIVE.

Oh, and last entries burrito adventure was a bust. Still a good day though all n' all. Went to this thing with Acacia called the Decibal Festival at the theatre for performing arts or whatever on Broadway and man oh man was it horrible. I was expecting greatness, but bleh. The first act sounded like a bunch of noises put together, like a crashing wave, helicopter, pulse, rotary telephone, and other noises synthesized through a hollow cave and held out for around 45 minutes, rising and falling in volume every oh 5 or 10 minutes or so. The second guy was a little more varied and had a few more tricks up his sleeves, but essentially the same deal. Acacia and I kept looking at each other like "what the heck" n' "oh man". It was kinda funny. We left after the second guy was a bust. Oh, I did manage to eat at one burrito place called "the Bitchin' Burrito", which was good. And the bathroom in the place was neat, cause the only lighting was from a black light, so when I peeed, it looked like a slightly neon cloud converging on itself.
So in that light, I cordially applaud the bathroom.
I love Nick Drake.
geek me long time
16 September 2006 @ 01:28 pm
ahhhh hahahahahaha!

so todays journey shall consist of travelling across washington to find the best burrito.
I'll bring my camera and document the journey in my next entry.
Will I be able to find the burrito to top Jalesco's?
Find out in the next exciting episode!

dun dun dun!!
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geek me long time
15 September 2006 @ 12:57 pm
a few things:
Jessica expressed a keen interest in wanting to move back home a few days ago. For various reasons. Maybe this is best.
So this weekend, Franklin needs to be intoxicated.

Shes gone now. Feels so...quiet.

I just got Magic the Gathering Online. Its great.

We shall be renovating the band shed as a birthday present to me. It'll look like my little balloon fighter icon when we're done with it if all goes well.
Anyone wanna help?

I'm scared I'm gonna get very very lonely. I think it'll be ok though.

I found my camera while clearing out the band shed yesterday. Its been SO long. Like mid-summer. It was behind the friggin' power amplifier.

I found so much cheap recording equipment on Ebay. I'm very excited.
With Jess gone, I think I'll be spending the majority of my time in the renovated band shed.
Oh, and we shall definetly be holding a shindig grand opening night. Anyone who knows me should come out.
I have a feeling its going to be a crazy crazy CRAZY change.

And the new the Curtains album is just....its so fuggin' awesome. Its just what I've been wanting to hear. Like that 44's Deerhoof song, but the entire album is like that!
Makes me melt and swoon. Or swoon and melt.

EDIT: hahahahahahaha. Oh man. Look at this. http://www.artrenewal.org/articles/2005/abstract/ross1.asp
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geek me long time
03 September 2006 @ 05:19 pm
My granny was offered 2.5 million dollars for the 6 1/2 acre property. She would also get 5% of the profits from each house that gets put on here, plus they would let her keep 1/2 an acre, and they would build her a free 5-bedroom house.
And she turned it down.

In other news, Bumbershoot was pretty neat. Of Montreal wasn't as good as I thought it was gonna be, but it was still good. But I still kinda wish I saw Deerhoof instead (they played at the same time on different stages).
So we decided to bring our puppy Jack. Oh man, he got SO much friggin' attention. Its amazing how many strangers would just run up and start petting him and making funny baby noises. I should've kicked 'em and screamed "rape!!", but I'm thinking that wouldn't've been very befitting of a gentleman. Another thing that sucked: The Whats Next stage was INDOORS, so puppy couldn't go inside. I watched the Thermals while Jess walked around outside with puppy for an hour, and I felt too bad to go see Blood Brothers, so we took off around 10:00. It was a fun day though all in all.
I love watching the crowds at those kindsa things. There are always so many strange and beautiful strangers everywhere. And horrible disgusting and wretched ones too. I love crowd watching. Thinking about how all those thousands of people have long histories and back stories (or lack thereof) and wow. So much counsiousblahblahhoweveryouspellit.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I finally see an older gentleman. Makes me laugh.
Makes me wanna cut trees and build things out of 'em.
Or play video games.

I'm going to play Dragon Quest 8 now.
Puppy says "hi".
Bye bye.

EDIT: One more thing. Jessica noticed last week that my licence plate says: "007-UBE". Ya know who double o seven is right? Know what Ube is? If so, then you know the extent of the awesomeness of what this licence plate number implies. Awesomeness turns to "oh wow" at the mating of those two things.
And every single shortcut radio dial thingys are aimed at 90.3.
It was meant to be.
That is all.
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