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30 May 2007 @ 09:57 pm
So Sasquatch.
Veeeerrrrry interesting time. Many ups n' downs. Let's start from the beginning.
On Friday I cleaned my car out from head to toe (er, front to back) at that car wash place on state st., and then I head to Seattle. When I got to Acacia's place, we ran some errands, picked up a new memory stick for her camera, and went to the Grocery store to buy some supplies like food n' brownie mix n' stuff for the trip. We get back to her place and I step outside to read this neat anti-commercialism magazine in the nice warm air on her patio. I'm flipping through, when I notice the very strong and familiar scent of pot. It was pretty strong. So I step in to find Acacia making pot brownies. Oh man. I didn't try any, but I had some later. Which I'll get to later.
So she makes her amazing batch of magic brownies and I drink some port, smoke some cigarettes, and we kick back and watch Pan's Labrynth. VERY depressing movie, but very well done. A tragedy to be sure.
Kat and Mari-anne arrive and we sit around and talk, Kat eats a brownie, Dylan, Jeffrie, and Jeffries lady (whose name escapes me) show up, things get fuzzy, we fall asleep at around 2.
We wake up at around 5:30, pack everything into the car, and zoom off down to George Washington.
The ride down there was fairly uneventful, I concentrated primarily on not driving off the road due to the lack of sleep, and blasted some mix cd I made for the occasion.
Just before the gorge we stopped off at this side view place with these metal horses on top of this cliff. It was beautiful. The scenery was a myriad of earthly tones stretched across an endless landscape of cliffs and valleys and rivers and ah. Some of the hills reminded me of California. Acacia took pictures of Dylan and Jeffry wearing sasquatch and chicken-head masks. Good times.
We arrived at the campgrounds at around 9ish. A HUGE campground, situated on a huge expansive field with rolling hills. There were people everywhere having a good time, screaming and drinking and smoking; the epitomy of a festival campground.
We set up Acacia's huge tent and proceeded to intoxify ourselves with liquor and pot brownies. I stuck to the alcohol. I attempted to break a coconut open with my knee which was a pretty bad idea, cause later that night I started actually feeling the bruise it left and was barely able to walk around, which is issentially what we did most of the time (walking around). Anyways, so we eat our breakfast of fruits and peanut butter n' jelly, fill our water bottles with liquor and proceed to the gorge area where the actuall festival took place. We parked in the very back, so it was a good mile long walk. And once we get there...
The lines start.
Lines, EVERYWHERE. You couldn't go anywhere without having to wade through one or wait in one or even wait FOR one. It was crazy. But theres nothing really around it. We waited for what seemed like forever in a line that resembled a river of people in front of the main gates to the gorge.
We go through and walk around, checking some bands out. Things get fuzzy...We nap on a grassy knoll under a big umbrella that Mari-Anne brought. I was feeling exhausted from the great big sun beating down on us, the lack of sleep, the drunken nausia, and the constant walking.
I wake up and we walk to go see the main act I was wanting to see.
Manu Chao...I have mixed feelings about his set. It was Manu Chao, so of course it was amazing, he comes out dressed half-pirate half-european teenager, the crowd cheers and they blast into a punk rock beat. Punk rock beat?? It was pretty wild the first few times, but then they started going into punk rock stuff during so of my favorite song...it just felt kinda silly. Buuuut its Manu Chao, so whatever, he can get away with it if he wants.
Oh, and the Long Winters played before that. I like one of their songs, but they totally look like cheesy easy-listening rock stars from the early ninties kinda sorta.
After Manu Chao...I don't remember. Bjork? Anyways, Bjork was last to play, and she was just...wow. I've never really been star-struck before, but when she came out on stage all super tiny cute little bjork jumping around with a crazy costume on super adorable...I was just awed. I started feeling my knee hurting at around this time, so most of the concert I sat by the railing watching one of the big videos being displayed of bjork frollicking around.
Oh, the Arcade Fire played before Bjork. I was surprised by how lovely song of their songs were, but one of the members of the band was really annoying. He kept being super passionate even when the songs didn't sound super passionate, which kinda made him look like a middle-class spoiled emo kid that shops at Hot Topic too much and buys My Chemical Romance cd's with his mothers money. But yeah. Oh, and the lead singer girlys face kinda angered me. I don't know why. But I do love her voice.
I was incredibly dehydrated the whole time. It was horrible. Made me feel like crap. On top of my aching knee. I wasn't really having a good time physically. But it was still a descent day. We headed back to camp, I gulf down water, and we fall asleep at around 2.
We wake up at around 9. Mari-Anne and I decide to be rebels and attempt the shower line. It was a daunting task. We waited in line for a good 2 hours, talking about music and film and blistering in the hot sun, sitting, standing, being quiet, laughing, not knowing what to do or say and standing more and walking 2 feet every 30 minutes and yar. We almost gave up. But we edged closer and closer. When we got to the front...Ah man, we were literally the next people in line, one of the event staff comes up to the line and declares that the showers be SHUT OFF due to draining more water than it can take in. It was a very very sad moment. But it was kinda funny too. One of those moments where you want to scream but laugh at the absurdity you know?
So we do what we can to clean ourselves in the sinks near by, head back, get drunk, and head into the Gorge for what was the better of the two day stay.
In line in front of the main gates, there were so many hilarious drunkards. One was this total asshole (funny asshole) that kept picking on this guy from Texas. The guy from Texas was completely drunk though, and of a good natured sort, so in the picking on, they kinda bonded, which was hilarious, and kinda brotherly in a sports team kinda way...I dunno. It was interesting.
We go in and everyone in our party seemed to be in much better spirits. It was a bit cooler and we had a big more rest, and much hoo-haing was had.
We saw Bad Brains, which was a disappointment as usual. I promised the girls I'd make them watch Hardcore: the History of American Hardcore sometime when we get back. Cause theres just no comparrison to the old Bad Brains.
Later on, we watched the Dandy Warhols, and after them was some band I'd never heard of called SpearHead, fronted by a man named erm, Michael Fonteen or something hahahahaha.
Ok, so we'd never heard of them. We discussed this further and one of the people in the crowd overheard and literally scoffed. I figured she probably knew who they were so I asked her. She went on this tyrade about how crazy it is that we don't know who SpearHead is or Michael Fonteen and that she had been to every one of their shows in the past six months and that we should definetly check them out.
Which was enough information Dylan and I needed to start a religion.
"SPEARHEAD!" We screamed for the remainder of the night.
Was what we shouted at the Beastie Boys show which we saw instead of SpearHead. Spearhead was with in spirit though, oh yes. People in the audience were quick to question "whose SpearHead?" and "this is Beastie Boys right?"
They were AMAZING. I absolutely loved the Beastie Boys show. It might've just been the extatic energy in the air, but man. I had the best time during their set. Just intense drunken hoo-haing the whole time.
Then we walk back to camp, and I find out that everything in my backpack is missing. Keys, wallet, camera.
Totally ruined the rest of the night. I just end up crashing out.
Next morning I wake up and take a walk to find my stuff. I check the lost and found first not thinking the best.
Keys were there in a box FILLED with other keys. "amazing" I thought.
How about the wallet that always seems to follow me even when I've lost it over a dozen times? Check. There with other lost and found stuff. No camera though, or Magic Cards. That was ok though.
So we're about to leave, when I find that my car is dead. Er, the battery anyways. So it takes us another long as time to start it. Which sucked. Oh, and Jessica came by too cause she was freaking out cause I had called her the night before freaking out about my wallet. It was crazy seeing her there. But I did miss her, so it was ok.
And then we head back, stopping off at Ellensburg to eat breakfast.

Dylan: It says here on this card that a full stomache causes a reduction in hearing. Hm. Thats interesting. I'm starving.
After we all have a huge breakfast:
Acacia: So Dylan how're you feeling?
Dylan: What was that?


And then we head home.

The end.
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