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24 January 2007 @ 04:04 pm
Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls.
Thats what life has been like this week. Wee. That and work.
I need to do something. Maybe I'll get some cookies. Or play music. Or play music whilst eating cookies. Yes indeed.
I think this weekend will be for sure going to Olympia or Portland. For sure for sure. Either one sounds REALLY good right now. So friggin' ready. Have a ho-down with Sir Randal and Acacia. Or go to a punk show with Clay...or just driving really far sounds good. Loud music. No worries. A destination. Mm. Gimmie some of that.
And we need another boys night out. I know you guys can't read this (friggin' hippies and your anti-technology I tell ya) but we neeeeds some getaway time. Camping out and eating chilli and mindless adventures with sunny side destinations. Good times. Lets go. I'll bring the saki. Maybe the weekend after next?
Hm hmm.
Anywho. I'm off.
Current Mood: boredbored